iPhone 5 Battery case Review: Protect Your Precious with the Best iPhone 5 Battery case

The iPhone battery cases are designed to keep your device protected from scratches and if possibly even more damaging risks.

Best iPhone 5 Battery Case

iPhone 5 Battery case is a solution that promises to double or triple the hours you are currently getting on a single charge..

Where To Buy iPhone 5 Battery Cases

So, how do you know which iPhone 5 Battery case to buy?

Top iPhone 5 Battery case Reviews

Getting the most out of your pricy iPhone 5 with a battery case is an investment that really pays off.

Meridian iPhone 5 Rechargeable Extended Battery Case

The iPhone 5 Battery case you’re planning to buy should also feature extensive battery life and give your smartphone some protection from scratches and scrapes.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

iPhone 5 Battery case Review: Protect Your Precious with the Best iPhone 5 Battery case

iPhone 5 is one of the most popular smartphones in today's market, but its popularity isn't because of a cost-effective price. iPhone 5 is one of the most expensive smartphones one could buy, but that hasn’t stopped millions from making such a pricy purchase. But with such a pricy investment, making sure no accidents will shorten its life expectancy is the best way to protect your financial resources on the long term.

The iPhone battery cases are designed to keep your device protected from scratches and if possibly even more damaging risks, as well as extend its battery life. iPhone users have been browsing for the best battery case ever and if they had a favorite for the previous smartphones, when it comes to iPhone 5, there’s some updating you need to do with your favorite battery case producer.
iPhone 5 battery case , iPhone 5 external Battery case
iPhone 5 Battery Case Overview

Choose from our top iPhone 5 Battery cases review, the one that matches the top-notch design of your device

The best iPhone 5 Battery case has to meet a lot more requirements than iPhone 4 battery cases. Since we’re talking about a pricier smartphone, you’d expect Apple to be even more careful with the exterior parts. But as it turned out, iPhone 5 is made of a much more durable material (aluminum), but that’s not scratch-proofed. However, the design is just as top-notch, so the iPhone 5 Battery case you’ll choose should be just as hip as the original back panel on your precious device.

Previous iPhone battery cases are not compatible with iPhone 5

You might attempt to use some of the older versions of iPhone battery cases, but resist the temptation since there’s no good that could come out of that. The battery case for iPhone 5 has to be designed so it matches the Lightning connector on your device. Apple has changed that for its newest iPhone, switching to an 8-pin adapter connector that requires a special kind of chip, that only Apple has the patent for. So, it’s a good idea you choose an iPhone 5 Battery case designed by a company that has Apple’s official OK.

Buy an iPhone 5 Battery case that extends your device’s battery life

Most iPhone users spend hours and hours with their device, checking out Facebook and Twitter, reading blogs and shopping online. And then there’s the chatting, the video calls, 4G LTE connectivity, Instagram and tons of other apps and games that impact the iPhone 5’s battery life differently. So getting more juice out of your iPhone 5 is an essential requirement. A battery case can extend your iPhone 5 battery life to almost double or triple of what you’d normally get on a single charge.

For now at least, the best iPhone 5 Battery case is the one launched by Shenzhen Esorun Technology Limited Company. The Esorun iPhone 5 battery life has been given Apple’s official authorization called MFI certificate, so it matches the new Lightning dock. It’s a fashionable battery case with a built-in 3000mAh Li-polymer battery you can charge using a Micro USB port with 5 pins.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

iPhone 5 Battery Case Review: Powerskin Battery Case vs. Mophie Helium

While some iPhone users are fans of the Powerskin Battery Case, others seem to prefer Mophie Helium.
  As these two battery cases are considered to have almost similar performance, making your choose for one of them might seem hard. However, there are many differences between these two devices that will make it easier to make your pick.
Mophie Helium Battery Case

Mophie Helium
Offering 1,500mAh, this battery case promises to charge your iPhone up to 75 percent.
However, the Powerskin battery case features the same performance, as well.

Mophie Helium might be a thoughtful choice when keeping under consideration the fact that since it features a more robust design, it might be perfect for protecting your iPhone in the case of a drop.

This is a very important aspect to consider when opting for a battery case. Moreover, the Mophie Helium might be choice of many users of iPhone , as it is more affordable to purchase.

Powerskin Battery Case
Even though when speaking about performance, these two devices seem to offer similar usability, their design is completely different.

So, while with Mophie Helium you will have a hard-case, the Powerskin Battery Case is made from soft silicon, which makes it easier to put in and out your iPhone 5.

Even though the Mophie Helium is believed to be the better choice when it comes to protecting the phone, Powerskin will do a great job, too.

And this case as the advantage of being harder to damage during a drop, as since it is made from silicon it will not break. Shorter and less wide than the Helium, this battery case seems less bulky, which might be considered an important advantage over the Helium by many users.

Regardless of which of these two iPhone 5 case you prefer most, both will add extra size and weight to your device.

Still, getting used to the new size of your iPhone should not be hard, while the battery security might be great. If the life battery of your iPhone 5 is letting you down, too, considering buying a battery case is the best option you have at the moment.

iPhone 5 Battery Case Review: Mophie Juice Pack Plus vs. Phonesuit Elite 5 Battery Case

As picking a great battery case for your iPhone 5 may not be simple, here you can find a review of two popular battery cases, at the moment: the Mophie Juice Pack Plus and the Phonesuite Elite 5 Battery Case.

The two models are considered to be rival products, as they feature similar performance.
1. Mophie Juice Pack Plus
The Mophie Juice Pack Plus battery case promises to give the iPhone a full recharge, while protecting it from dust, as well as from the risk of potential damage.

The device is an agile solution that features a rather slim battery, which you can easily use when your Phone is close to dying.

The Mophie Juice Pack Plus actually is the latest model when it comes to the battery cases produced by Mophie. It features a 2,100mAh battery and an extra 120 percent charge.

Consequently, this case will recharge your iPhone from 0 to 100 percent and you will still have a 25 percent to make sure that you won’t run out of battery when you most need your phone.
The battery case is available in black, red and white.

2. Phonesuit Elite 5 Battery Case
Since the moment of its release, the Phonesuit Elite 5 Battery Case has become quite a great challenger to the aforementioned model.

As it comes with a Lightning connector built in, it does not necessary require a USB cable. Moreover, it offers as 2,100mAh battery, which makes it provide similar power performance such as the Mophie Juice Pack Plus.
Phonesuit Elite 5 Battery Case
Still, the Phonesuit Elite 5 Battery Case impresses with a smooth and curvy design, which is scratch resistant and soft to touch.

This means that it works effectively when it comes to both protection and battery power. The case provides cutouts for speakers, which will make volume and clarity better.

However, this battery case will make pressing volume buttons more difficult, as they are pretty deep. Compared to the Mophie Juice Pack plus, Phonesuit Elite 5 battery case might be more difficult to handle, when it comes to pulling the phone out of the case.

No matter how hard you may try to conserve the battery life of your iPhone, this may be an impossible task. Unfortunately, the battery life of iPhone 5 is not great, but with the use of a functional battery case, you can easily make it much better.

iPhone 5 Battery Cases: iBattz Mojo Hi5 Power Bank Case Review

If you are seeking for performance at a great price in a battery case, there is no reason to not consider the iBattz Mojo Hi5 Power Bank battery case.

The model might be an option for everyone found of Apple products, but who finds it quite hard to be pleased with the battery life that the product comes with.

 The iBattz Mojo Hi5 will solve the endurance issue and will make usability of your iPhone 5 simpler, as you can use all the apps you please without having to worry that you will soon run out of battery.

This case can solve the endurance issue as it comes with a 2500mAh battery, which can more than double the iPhone’s battery life.

 iBattz Mojo Hi5 Power Bank

It has an ingenious design, as it actually features a thin slim case, a slim plastic hard-shell case and a single battery.

Four LEDs indicate the level of battery charge. The battery case comes with a USB port and a microUSB port, both at the bottom of the battery.

A major disadvantage of the iBattz Mojo Hi5 Power Bank Case is that it requires a Lightning to USB cable that commonly comes with the iPhone.

This makes usage more inconvenient, compared with other devices which feature a Lightning port built in. Still, what this iPhone 5 battery case loses when it comes to design and convenience, wins when it comes to battery endurance, being one of the best options on this particular aspect.

Moreover, the design allows users to remove the external battery as needed, which makes it win a little on usability, too.

In conclusion, there are some pros that recommend the iBattz Mojo Hi5 Power Bank Case as a functional device for all owners of iPhone 5.

 The device provides excellent battery life, comes at an affordable price and in a durable design that will protect the phone. However, there are some down sides to this iPhone 5 battery case, as well.

The design is rather unattractive and the case might add some size and weight to your phone, being described as quite heavy, at 3.9 ounces. Overall, the device offers performance, so it can be an option for all iPhone 5 users.

Do You Need a Battery Case for iPhone 5?

Whether a battery case is a must have accessory or not is a common issue today, as many users complain that the endurance of iPhone 5 battery is not ideal.

Along with the release of its iPhone 5, Apple claimed that its new smartphone has a handling capacity of 8 hours talk time.
 Moreover, the device promises to stay 225 hours on standby and function for up to 8 hours on full Internet usage on 3G. 10 hours of video playback and over 40 hours of audio playback are included in the features of this new Apple model, iPhone 5.

However, users definitely noticed that this depends a lot on the apps they use on their device. Some apps are so energy efficient that they don’t consume that much from the device’s battery.

Still, other apps are not that fun, as they turn out consuming a lot of power, which naturally changes the figures featured in the product’s description.

And this means that heavy app users, but also travelers require a battery case for their iPhone 5. They are external battery packs, which can recharge the low or the empty battery of your phone.

Battery Case for iPhone 5They are a great option in case you are not pleased with the battery life of your device. Naturally, not everyone requires a battery case. You will know if you need one if you are struggling to get through the day with your iPhone in function.

In case your battery lasts all day most of the time, on regular use according to your own needs, it is not mandatory to purchase a battery case for your device.

However, if you do want to be sure that in case you run out of battery you will have a way to keep your iPhone functional, you should consider purchasing such a device.

You probably don’t need something very powerful and 1500mAh power would be enough. Still, if you want to invest in something really powerful, you may consider even a 6,000mAh battery case.

Naturally, whether you need a battery case or not is something you can determine depending on how pleased you are with the performance of your iPhone 5.

In case you are happy with how long its battery lasts, a case is not mandatory. However, if you need to be certain that your device is secured with extra power, you should choose an iPhone 5 battery case model.