Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The iPhone 5 Battery case That Promises to Triple Battery Life

For the millions that invested several hundred dollars in an iPhone 5, having battery issues is extremely frustrating. This isn’t the kind of problem you’d expect from Apple or from such a pricy gadget. For those looking to extend their smartphone’s battery life, an iPhone 5 Battery case is a solution that promises to double or triple the hours you are currently getting on a single charge.

You can try and get more juice out of your iPhone 5 by going through every little setting in your iPhone 5’s menu, or invest in an iPhone 5 Battery case, which in all fairness isn’t such an expensive investment after all. In most cases, producers of iPhone 5 battery cases promise their product will double or even triple your battery life. These battery cases for iPhone 5 allegedly do that for less than $100.

If you’re looking for the best iPhone 5 Battery case you’re going to have to browse through dozens of products and look for those that are MFI certificated. It’s going to be hard to identify the best battery case for your iPhone, since most of the iPhone 5 battery cases haven’t been released yet, because of a chip supply delay caused by Apple itself.

Looking at what the market has to offer, the best iPhone 5 Battery case seems to be that produced by Shenzhen Esorun Technology Limited Company. It was supposed to come out in November, but the release was postponed and only a few “samples” were made available. The Esorun iPhone 5 Battery case is compatible with the new Lightning dock on the smartphone, having been officially authorized by Apple to sell it via a MFI certificate.

The battery case for iPhone 5 produced by Esorun is designed to protect the back panel of your smartphone from scratches and scrapes while extending your battery life considerably. The case features a built-in 3000mAh Li-polymer battery that promises to triple the battery life of your iPhone 5.

The producer says the Esorun iPhone 5 battery case is a great accessory for your smartphone not only because it can triple its power, but also because of its top-notch quality and support that easily turns your device in a movie player. The battery case can be recharged via a Micro USB 5-pin connector.

This iPhone 5 Battery case looks very promising, at least from the advertorial. We will have a review and performance tests made available as soon as we’ll get our hands on an Esorun iPhone 5 battery case.

Despite the expensive price tag, Apple’s iPhone 5 has been giving users a lot more headaches than imagined with such a pricy investment. Leaving alone the Apple Maps fiasco, a huge number of users have been complaining about battery life issues with iPhone 5. Most unbelievers say it’s the users’ fault for not knowing how to manually select and unselect all kinds of options in the iPhone 5’s internet connectivity, notifications and antenna menus. A battery case however ensures you're not running out of power when you need it most.


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