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Friday, January 11, 2013

Lenmar Meridian Battery Case for iPhone 5 Review

As most of you have surely noticed by now, the current battery on your iPhone 5 can’t keep up with your power requirements. iPhone 5 is a great and powerful device but let’s be honest: you didn’t just pay several hundred dollars just for voice quality and text messaging.

You bought it for the ever-growing number of apps, for watching HD movies online, for listening to music while playing a game, for web browsing at LTE/4G speeds, for Facebook and Twitter and so on. Even the talk time your current iPhone 5 Li-Po 1440 mAh battery can endure is less than one day. You get only 8 hours. The stand-by battery life endurance might be impressive (225 hours) but what’s the use when you’re all about apps and gaming?!

The first user complaints about the poor life battery on iPhone 5 surfaced soon after the device’s release. With the powerful components, users would have loved to have a battery that could stand the use. And if Apple didn’t deliver extra power, dozens of producers of accessories for iPhone are ready to fill that empty space. Until January 2013, there was only one producer of iPhone 5 battery cases that had Apple’s official authorization, the MFI certificate. Earlier this year, a second producer announced it got the official permission to use the new Lightning dock for the iPhone 5 Battery case.

Lenmar Meridian announced its iPhone 5 Battery case long before the press release informing the company has been certified by Apple to produce and sell these power accessories. Unfortunately for the many iPhone 5 users waiting for battery cases, these accessories are going to take a while before arriving in a sealed package at your doorstep. As other iPhone 5 battery case producers, Lenmar Meridian is currently taking pre-orders for the accessory, since the delay at Apple’s factory is still impacting the delivery for the patent chip requested by the new Lightning dock.

Based on Lenmar Meridian’s official press release and tech specs, its iPhone 5 Battery case isn’t going to be as powerful as that produced by Shenzhen Esorun Technology Limited Company. It will deliver however just enough power to basically double the power of your current battery, having a capacity of 2300mAh compared to the Esorun case that triples the power with an in-built 3000mAh Li-polymer battery.

The Lenmar Meridian iPhone 5 battery case will cost $89.99, comes with one year warranty but no promo codes. This iPhone 5 accessory is available in three colors (Rubberized Black, Glossy White and Metallic Red) and features an on-off power button, a LED power indicator and design that gives full access to the device’s ports, including headphones and volume buttons (138mm x 65mm x 15mm). The product also allows the user to charge the phone from the battery pack, while charging the actual battery pack (5V/1A output, 5V/700mAh max input).

The actual Lenmar Meridian iPhone 5 Battery case will be delivered to consumers as of February 2013.