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The iPhone 5 Battery case you’re planning to buy should also feature extensive battery life and give your smartphone some protection from scratches and scrapes.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Full Review of the iBattz Mojo Refuel Removable Battery Case for iPhone 5

There’s a bunch of questions a full review for an iPhone 5 battery case should answer. Does it actually offer protection? What about the price, is it better than others’ products? How about the case’s design? Does it match the sleek iPhone and is it fully functional? And by how much will it improve iPhone 5’s battery life? We’ve tried to answer all these questions in the full review of the iBattz Mojo Refuel Removable Battery Case for iPhone 5.

The iBattz Mojo Refuel Removable battery case for iPhone 5 is just the last battery case for iPhone 5 to be released. But what makes this particular battery case for iPhone 5 stand out from the crowd? There are literally dozens of products available in the market today, all promising to prolong battery life and provide good protection and impressive design. For the buyer interested in taking the best purchasing decision for their precious device, browsing the offer of battery cases for iPhone 5 might feel a bit confusing.
iBattz Mojo Refuel Removable Battery Case for iPhone 5

In terms of extra power, iBattz Mojo’s Refuel Removable battery case for iPhone 5 promises 250 percent more that what you getting from the device’s standard battery. The company is advertising its product as being “the world’s first removable power solution for iPhone 5” which means you’re getting “boundless power” and “full protection against impact and shock” as well as “a slim, snug fit profile”. The iBattz iPhone 5 battery case uses standard 2200 mAh I9300 battery modules with long time recharging span, whereas lithium ion are commonly limited to 300-500 cycles.

iBattz says its battery case for iPhone 5 is eco-friendly, since the battery replacement feature makes it possible to charge only the battery and not the entire battery case. This means your device’s battery life is limited only by the number of battery modules you can carry with you. If you’re in for a long time away from any charging modalities, that’s a perk to definitely take into account.

In terms of design, the iBattz battery case for iPhone 5 is 0.62 inch in height, 5.51 inches in lenght, 2.48 inches in width and weighs 0.17 pounds. There are two theme colors available silver and red. 

The iBattz Mojo Refuel Removable battery case for iPhone 5 sells for $90 on Amazon, that’s $10 less than Mophie’s. The package also contains a micro-USB charge and sync cable, two battery modules, two bumpers and a quick user guide.

Boostcase Hybrid for iPhone 5 Review

iPhone 5 is not an affordable purchase. It becomes a precious investment and needs to be kept that way until Apple’s releases the next best thing and owners start reselling their smartphones. But besides protecting the device against scratches or worse, there’s an issue many iPhone 5 users did not expect to experience with such a costly purchase: the rapid drain of battery. That’s where iPhone 5 battery cases become a viable solution, offering both protection and extra power.
Boostcase Hybrid for iPhone 5 review, pictures, preview

The recent CES 2013 event was a great time for iPhone 5 battery case producers to show off their latest products. Boostcase was all the rage with its Hybrid Snap Case for iPhone 5. It has actually topped the list of the most fashionable and techy accessories presented during the event for iPhone 5 users. Mashable decided the coolest case there was Boostcase’s Metallic Studded Jacket and it’s hard to argue with that although the company has many, many other jackets for the snap case that are just as appealing.

BoostCase Hybrid is a great accessory for iPhone. It’s most likely the best in terms of design and functionality. It combines a case and a battery with a very appealing design and convincing quality. BoostCase Snap Case is particularly designed to fit Apple’s iPhone 5 and adds to the table a new fix: instead of the big hole at the back, the new case features several tiny dots all along its backside. These tiny dots are not just for aesthetic reasons. These allow the user to add to the case all kinds of accessories, including a battery pack and a wallet, as well as a kickstand and a hand strap.

Like everything BoostCase makes, design is key, although the BackPack Battery product isn’t exactly all that good-looking to begin with. The battery applies on the back of the BoostCase Hybrid SnapCase for iPhone 5 and it can prolong its battery life to twice as much. It packs a 2,000mAh battery that can recharge your iPhone 5 in about an hour an half and there’s still something left for other devices. It charges your iPhone 5 using Apple’s Lightning-to-USB cable or a short micro USB cable and Apple’s micro USB to Lightning adapter.

The design however remains more appealing that most of the similar products available today. The BoostCase BackPack Battery compatible with the iPhone 5 Snap Case is relatively small, easy to fit in a pocket and quite thin compared to other products. A Snap Case sells for about $35 with handstrap and stand included, a Metallic Gunmental studded jacket will set you back almost $40, whereas a Hybrid BoostCase will cost about $80. Add another $49.95 for the backpack battery.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Case-Mate Crafted Collection Prints series Review for iPhone

Case-Mate Crafted Collection Prints series
The hippest case for your iPhone is definitely one of the models in Case-Mate’s Crafted Collection, the Prints series. These are the kind of cases that pertain most to users with a taste for art and designer items. But are they fully functional for iPhone 5 too?

Case-Mate has selected a group of designers “whose unique inspirations from fashion, culture and art create one of a kind masterpieces that you can carry in the palm of your hand”. Designers and artists such as Jessica Swift, Amy Sia, Todd Carpenter, Lou Kregel and Sebastian Murra have delivered for Case-Mate several battery cases each with intricate and whimsical patterns and drawings.

Each Designer Prints Collection “features thoughtfully selected designs that reflect your sense of style and let you showcase your individuality”. Truth be told, there are 9 collections in the Prints series that are quite amazing to begin with. Take for instance the Jessica Swift iPhone 5 case collection for Case-Mate: it features beautiful “vivid printed cases that add a dynamic and fashion-forward feel to your device” and hand-drawn designs, a daring use of color, quirky and fun patterns.

iPhone 5 battery cases in the Designer Prints Collection feature an enhanced bumper and metal buttons to give the user “a luxurious touch” as well as “two-piece design [that] adds a higher level of protection”. Each of the iPhone 5 case in the Case-Mate’s Prints series costs $50.00 and according to reviews and consumer feedback they provide a decent level of protection.

The patterns are whimsical, but it is the Toughcase for iPhone 5’s protection that steals the spotlight. It is made from two pieces, enforced with inner rubber around the phone, and while it does provide premium protection be careful with it though. It was designed to withstand moderate to high impacts, but if you reckon you will subject your device to higher risk, you’d better opt for a Tough Xtreme case for iPhone 5. It costs just the same amount and is available in several colors and vibrant textures.

For the moment at least Case-Mate does seem to live by its selling pitch. “The products we’ve designed for the iPhone 5 are without a doubt the most fashionable and protective cases we have ever released” said Case-Mate’s CEO and Founder Shashi Reddy in the statement accompanying the release of the company’s new fashion case line for iPhone 5.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

PowerSkin PoP'n iPhone 5 Battery Pack - Pros and Cons

PowerSkin has released a new iPhone 5 battery pack named PoP’n which has immediately drawn all users’ attention. The battery case is available in US for $79.99 and it does a pretty good job at saving and recharging the smartphones battery.

PowerSkin PoP'n iPhone 5 Battery Pack
The design of the new battery pack from PowerSkin is the aspect that distinguishes it from the rest of the cases available on the market. The 24 suction cups provided on the back of the battery case have been installed to allow the PoP’n to stick to the back of the iPhone 5. The case of the battery pack comes in two colors, black or white, and it is made out of a shiny, glossy material. The 2000 mAh battery is enclosed in the case, whereas the Lightning connector is placed on the U-shaped connector at the bottom of the pack.

The U-shaped connector is very useful because it gives owners the possibility to use the battery pack to recharge many other iOS of Android based devices they may have at home. That is because the connector may be replaced with a 30-pin Dock Connector or a micro-USB A or B connectors.

The PoP’n case is very easy to install on the back of the iPhone and after a few seconds your mobile device should let you know that it is being charged. Once your phone has been completely charged, you can easily remove the PoP’n pack in spite of the suction cups that prevent the case from getting detached from the phone. Unlike other battery cases, PowerSkin’s PoP’n pack needs not be constantly placed on the phone; you can simply use it when your device runs out of battery, let it charge the phone for several hours and then, get back to the original iPhone 5 design.

In the end, there are both advantages and disadvantages for those who plan on buying the new battery pack from PowerSkin. The benefits would be that you can use it to recharge other iOS and Android based devices, not just the new iPhone 5. Moreover, the unique suction cups give users the possibility to attach the battery pack both on the phone and the battery case.

The products have been purposefully created for Apple devices, so they are certified by the Cupertino company. The downsides, however, are the fact that the battery pack will not stick to devices made out of leather or soft fabrics and the fact that the glossy case tends to get dirty.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Mophie Juice Pack Helium Case Review

Mophie Juice Pack Helium Case
iPhone 5 might be a great piece of technology but the battery life issue does make it hard for a buyer to enjoy this device to its fullest extent. With this iPhone release, Apple introduced the infamous Lightning connector which not only made previous iPhone accessories useless but it also caused a huge delay in the market, as new iPhone 5 battery case products failed to make it to the shelves.

The Mophie Juice Pack Helium Case is the first iPhone 5 battery case to actually market. Or at least that’s what we’ve been promised. For the moment the Mophie Juice Pack Helium Case for iPhone 5 is available in pre-order and it will start selling in Apple stores as of February 19. This makes the Mophie Juice Pack Helium Case the first of almost a dozen iPhone 5 battery cases that actually gets Apple’s OK to market.

Reviews for the Mophie Juice Pack Helium Case agree it is an iPhone 5 battery case that will definitely satisfy the user, at least from an aesthetic point of view. Their battery case for iPhone 5 is about 13 percent thinner than the version the company developed for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. That one was called Air, this one is called Helium, because Helium is lighter than Air. The battery case is 0.59 inch thick and weighs 2.4 ounces, whereas the overall case is 5.49 inches long.

The Mophie Juice Pack Helium Case has cutouts that allow you to use the iPhone 5’s camera lens as well as the Power and Volume buttons. The headphone jack however is quite recessed, but the manufacturer introduced a 3.5mm extender so you can use your favorite headphones without issue. The case comes is silver or dark metallic and it is made from durable plastic with small silicone bumps on the inside so that the iPhone 5’s aluminum back panel won’t scratch.

Mophie’s battery case for iPhone 5 houses the Lightning connector on the inside, down at the bottom, whereas on the outside users can use a micro USB port that connects into the Lightning one for charging and syncing. These are actually two parts that snap together quite easy, not to mention you won’t have to spend money on a Lightning connector compatible cable.

In terms of power, the Mophie Juice Pack Helium case isn’t top of the market. It adds to iPhone 5’s 1,440 mAh in-built battery enough boost for 7 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 30 hours of music playback, 7 hours of movie watching, 6 hours of cellular browsing. On the overall, according to the maker, the Mophie Juice Pack Helium case will prolong your device’s battery life by 80 percent.

The 1500mAH battery inside the Helium case for iPhone 5 does deliver enticing results, but it’s not the most powerful iPhone 5 Battery case announced. Since it is the first announced to actually start selling as of this month, paying $79.95 for 6 extra hours of battery life for your iPhone 5 does seem like the best solution momentarily.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top 4 External iPhone 5 Battery Cases

top external iphone 5 batery cases
iPhones have numerous features that were designed to make users’ lives a lot easier, but they are all worthless if you run out of battery. There are many accessories and methods that owners may resort to in order to prolong their battery; however, battery cases are the most recommended. Here is a list of four most popular battery cases, based on the reviews that have been published online.

ibattz Mojo Hi5 Case is on the fourth position of our brief chart. This battery case cannot extend the life of the iPhone to a long period of time, but it is, nevertheless, worth taking into consideration. It is very slim and lightweight, so owners need not fear that their device will become heavier if they cover their phones with the battery case.

It weighs 76 grams and it is only 125.7 x 60.4 x 18.2 mm thick because the 2500 mAH battery is detachable. The best thing about this model of battery case is the fact that it can be used to charge other devices, as well, even though they work with USB cable.

i-Blason PowerSlate Plus is not only functional, but also aesthetically well-built. The cover will most likely appeal to customers who want to preserve the sleek and elegant look of their iPhones without compromising the battery life of the device. The battery power is slightly bigger than the one on ibatts Mojo Hi5 Case, that is, 2800 mAh. It will, thus, enable iPhone 5 owners to benefit of 1.5 charging cycles.

On the second position we have placed uNu Ecopak, a company that has a long reputation in producing battery cases for smartphones. Once again, we have been pleasantly surprised by this model because it was endowed with a detachable external battery. Thus, the owner can get rid of the additional battery if the phone doesn’t need to be recharged.
The power is not bigger than 2500 mAh power, but this is enough to give owners the possibility to use the phone for 42 hours of music time, 11 hours of Internet browsing and 10 hours of talk time. In standby, the iPhone 5 will last up to 310 hours with the help of the battery case.

iBlason PowerSlider is at the top of our list of battery cases because it offers the best quality on the market. It is one of the thinnest and lightweight covers we have seen so far weighing only 70 grams and being only 0.25 inches thick. It has been provided with a rubberized back in order to prevent the smartphone from sliding on smooth surfaces. The battery capacity is not as big as the ones of the previous models (2200 mAh capacity), yet the cover does a pretty good job because the phone will last up to 36 hours.