Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top 4 External iPhone 5 Battery Cases

top external iphone 5 batery cases
iPhones have numerous features that were designed to make users’ lives a lot easier, but they are all worthless if you run out of battery. There are many accessories and methods that owners may resort to in order to prolong their battery; however, battery cases are the most recommended. Here is a list of four most popular battery cases, based on the reviews that have been published online.

ibattz Mojo Hi5 Case is on the fourth position of our brief chart. This battery case cannot extend the life of the iPhone to a long period of time, but it is, nevertheless, worth taking into consideration. It is very slim and lightweight, so owners need not fear that their device will become heavier if they cover their phones with the battery case.

It weighs 76 grams and it is only 125.7 x 60.4 x 18.2 mm thick because the 2500 mAH battery is detachable. The best thing about this model of battery case is the fact that it can be used to charge other devices, as well, even though they work with USB cable.

i-Blason PowerSlate Plus is not only functional, but also aesthetically well-built. The cover will most likely appeal to customers who want to preserve the sleek and elegant look of their iPhones without compromising the battery life of the device. The battery power is slightly bigger than the one on ibatts Mojo Hi5 Case, that is, 2800 mAh. It will, thus, enable iPhone 5 owners to benefit of 1.5 charging cycles.

On the second position we have placed uNu Ecopak, a company that has a long reputation in producing battery cases for smartphones. Once again, we have been pleasantly surprised by this model because it was endowed with a detachable external battery. Thus, the owner can get rid of the additional battery if the phone doesn’t need to be recharged.
The power is not bigger than 2500 mAh power, but this is enough to give owners the possibility to use the phone for 42 hours of music time, 11 hours of Internet browsing and 10 hours of talk time. In standby, the iPhone 5 will last up to 310 hours with the help of the battery case.

iBlason PowerSlider is at the top of our list of battery cases because it offers the best quality on the market. It is one of the thinnest and lightweight covers we have seen so far weighing only 70 grams and being only 0.25 inches thick. It has been provided with a rubberized back in order to prevent the smartphone from sliding on smooth surfaces. The battery capacity is not as big as the ones of the previous models (2200 mAh capacity), yet the cover does a pretty good job because the phone will last up to 36 hours.


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