Monday, March 4, 2013

Boostcase iPhone 5 Snap Case Hybrid Presented at CES 2013

Being so pricey, iPhone 5, iPad and iPod Touch now need power and protection accessories that can keep up with the owner’s pace. “We’ve gone from being a luxury to being a necessity. Your life is held within that device, and if you damage that, the downtime is crippling” explained Otterbox’s Philip Hicks about the huge appeal iDevice owners have developed for accessories.

More like ever before, this year’s CES was all about the iPhone 5 and iPad accessories. From battery cases to fashionable jackets, apps, stands and all sorts of “gadgets”, CES 2013 was without a doubt the catwalk for some of the most impressive cases yet. Boostcase’s iPhone 5 cases presented at CES 2013 were all the rage with sleek design, an artsy touch and improved protection.
Boostcase iPhone 5 Snap Case Hybrid

Boostcase is one of the most popular iPhone accessory maker but it was this year’s CES that convinced everybody they’ve got skill and vision to deliver iPhone 5 cases that will pertain even to the hippest owner there is. Both Mashable and CNET were so impressed with Boostcase’s new iPhone 5 cases that immediately ruled them as top of the iPhone 5 accessory market offer at CES 2013.  Mashable said Boostcase’s iPhone 5 Metallic Studded Jacket is one of the most “Fashion Forward Tech Accessories”, whereas CNET ruled in favor of the Arthur iPhone 5 cases, which made it in the “Top New iPhone 5 Cases” list.

The Boostcase iPhone 5 case has been available for quite some time now but CES introduced new jackets, accessories and functionality that swept everybody off their feet. Boostcase began selling the Snap Case for iPhone 5 as of last November but continues as a top success. With Boostcase it isn’t the degree of protection that its iPhone cases can provide, but the sleek design that all its products enjoy.

Snap Case for iPhone 5
isn’t just pretty looking, it is also extremely functional. For the iPhone 5 case, Boostcase changed the big hole at the back with several tiny dots lining the backside of the case. These are not just for the looks. These dots help you connect all kind of “accessories” to your iPhone 5. For instance you can attach a battery pack, a wallet, a kickstand and even a hand strap.

The Boostcase iPhone 5 Snap Case Hybrid is one of the top choices when it comes to power accessories for Apple’s smartphone. It’s not as sleek looking as the simple Snap Case, but it does work quite well. It delivers a 2,000 mAh battery that recharges your iPhone 5 in an hour an half and keeps you mobile twice as much.


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