Monday, March 18, 2013

The Powerskin Battery Case for iPhone 5 Review: Price, Power and Design

Like a few others, Powerskin, too, decided to release its next-generation battery cases for iPhone 5 at CES 2013. The accessory maker introduced three new iPhone 5 accessories: the PowerSkin Pro, the PowerSkin Hybrid Battery Charger and the PowerSkin Battery case, each with Lightning connectors and able to double your iPhone 5’s average battery life.

PowerSkin Battery Case is an ultra-thin case for your iPhone 5 that comes with an appealing feature for improved grip. The back case panel has an angular shape which helps the user get a better grip of the phone, whereas the 1,500 mAh internal battery will add up to 6 hours of talk time and another 8 on Wi-Fi. According to PowerSkin, this battery case will increase your iPhone 5’s battery life by 70 percent.
Powerskin Battery Case for iPhone 5

In terms of design, PowerSkin’s battery case for iPhone 5 looks pretty classic and conventional. In fact for the user who is interested in fashion forward accessories, this battery case is not an option. It is the thinnest battery case PowerSkin has ever released so far, “adding only 0.3 inches to the phone” at 2.5 (L) x 65 (W) x 5.1 (H) inches. On the other hand, the sharp edges of the battery case can make it a bit uncomfortable for extensive use, since these will dig into your palms. Also the case covers the volume and On/Off buttons but since the silicone is soft you can use them without problem.

When it comes to protection, PowerSkin’s batery case can provide shock-proof protection, being made of a “revolutionary one-piece silicone [and] soft-touch case slides” that wrap “effortlessly around your mobile device”. That means it can protect your iPhone 5 against dust and moderate shock.

The iPhone 5 PowerSkin Battery Case accessory packs an in-built 1,500 mAh internal battery that recharges your smartphone via a microUSB that connects to the Lightning port. The iPhone headphone jack is quite recessed and while you’re getting a 3-inch pass-through headphone extension, if your normal headphones have a thick or angled plug you should start looking at other battery cases for iPhone 5.

On the overall, there’s not much the PowerSkin Battery Case for iPhone5 brings new to a market that is overflowed with all kinds of designs, features and battery options. Given all these there’s quite a hefty price for the PowerSkin standard battery case for iPhone 5. For $80 there are many other battery case options available that are better in terms of protection, design and added battery life.
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