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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Looking for the Right Battery Case for iPhone 5? These Might Just Be It

$80 isn’t exactly an affordable price not to mention not exactly the most appealing purchase next to a device that is worth around $800. But if you want more from your device or are in need of extra battery life every now and then, it’s time to start considering investing in a battery case for your iPhone 5. Most will double your battery’s life, but only a few come with an appealing design, the kind that matches Apple’s sleek lines. One of the following iPhone 5 battery cases might just be right one for you.

Mojo Hi5 Powerbank case and extended battery adds 10 hours of talk time and another 11 for web browsing thanks to the 2500 mAh in-built battery. It sells for $79.95 on the company’s website, but on Amazon you can score deals and get it for $59.95. It weighs 76.5g, it’s made from plastic and is available in two colors: white and black. It also features a tribal pattern at the top and bottom back panel.

Read the review here

If it is design you are most interested in then Tylt Energi Power Case is one of the thinnest and finest looking battery cases for iPhone 5. It sells for $100 and packs a 2500 mAh lithium ion battery that will increase your device’s battery life to another 9 hours of talk time. It weighs 95g, it is available in two colors and is designed to work without external connectors to the Apple Lightning port.

Our review for Tylt Energi Power Case for iPhone 5

Powerskin is yet another $80 battery case that can recharge your iPhone 5’s battery case up to 70 percent. The battery capability is just 1500 mAh but it does add up to 6.5 hours of talk time. It is made from a one-piece protective case made from silicone that protects against shock and dust. Powerskin is the thinnest of the battery cases the company has released so far, adding just 0.3 inches to the overall thickness of your iPhone 5.

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These Are the Best iPhone 5 Extended Battery Cases

Finding the best battery case for your iPhone 5 looks like a breeze in the beginning, but it easily becomes a hassle as soon as you start researching for the best products in the market. Each iPhone 5 battery case as a different design, added features and mAh capability, not to mention that being similarly priced makes it all the more difficult to select a really valuable product. We’ve been reviewing battery cases for iPhone 5 for a long time now and we are ready to present you with a few of the best iPhone 5 extended battery cases.

uNu Extended Battery Case for iPhone 5

This is by far the best extended battery case for your iPhone 5, in terms of design, price and battery capability. At 2500 mAh, this extended battery is one of the most powerful, and the Ecopak Detachable Snap-On case makes this battery case all the most appealing. For $80 you get an eco-friendly, lithium polymer battery that not only “can be swapped between any Ecopak product” but ca also double your iPhone 5’s battery life.

Read the full uNu Extended Battery Case review here

Mojo Hi5 Powerbank Case for iPhone 5

At 2500 mAh, Mojo Hi5 Powerbank is another great battery case for iPhone 5. It sells for $79.95 on the official website, but you can find it on Amazon at $59.95. This extended battery case will give you another 10 hours of talk time and 11 for web browsing. In terms of design, the best feature is the aluminum case that integrates the 2500 mAh battery, but for those who are into tribal patterns this is definitely the most appealing battery case for iPhone 5.

You can read here the full review for the iPhone 5 Mojo Hi5 Powerbank Case

Tylt Energi Power Case for iPhone 5

Tylt is $100 battery case for iPhone 5 that caught our eye particularly for the sleek design and improved protection. Don’t get us wrong, in terms of mAh capability it’s just as good as the rest here in the list. It packs an in-built 2500 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery that gives you at least 9 hours of talk time. The best part is that as slim as it is (adds only ¼ inch to the iPhone’s thickness), it is made from UV coated polycarbonate that does offer satisfactory protection.

Here is our review for this iPhone 5 extended battery case

Sunday, April 21, 2013

iPhone 5 Kiwibird Power Case Battery Extender KB2000 Review

Cheap iPhone 5 battery cases reviews don’t come up all that easy in organic Google search queries and to be honest we’ve had a hard time too identifying the best power products under $50. But if you’re not keen on spending $80 for a popular brand battery case, we found an iPhone 5 battery case that has quite the number of promising features for a very affordable price: $39.

Kiwibird Power Case Battery Extender KB2000 is an iPhone 5 battery case that packs the same or even more mAh capacity than cases that are priced twice as much. We liked the design and were blown away by the 2,000mAh battery capacity, not to mention the really, really affordable price. You could easily say this is by far one of the best cheap iPhone 5 battery cases.

“Get the most out of your iPhone 5 with durable ultra-thin case with inbuilt rechargeable battery that virtually doubles your time to rock, talk, surf and send” reads the company’s selling pitch for this iPhone 5 power product. KiwiBirdBatery also promotes its product as being able to offer protection for “your iPhone 5 from everyday wear and tear, all with a style that mirros the aesthetic of the iPhone”.

And now for the hands-down review of this really affordable iPhone 5 battery case. The KB2000 is one of our first reviews of iPhone 5 battery cases that sell for less than $50 and we were definitely impressed by this product’s tech specs and aesthetic appeal. Remember, it’s $39 and the 2,000 mAh capacity extends your iPhone 5’s battery life for talk time up to 5 hours on 3G and up to 10 hours on 2G. It also gets you up to 5 hours on 3G and up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi web browsing. For audio play, the battery case will extend your usage up to 30 hours and you also get another 10 hours of video play.

As for design, there are three color themes available: dark blue, white and black. We especially liked the white case, although it does have a shinny look to it. The case is made from solid polycarbonate hard plastic that is scratch and finger print proof. It features four LEDs on the back panel that keeps you current with your battery life status and it also provides acoustic sound enhancing speaker ports. In terms of dimensions, the Kiwi Bird Battery is 138 x 63 x 15 mm and weights about 100g. Since it is made of two pieces, a slide-in bottom section and a slide-on cap, the overall design doesn’t look bulky and allows for a seamless visual aspect.


Greenbaba TC036 Solar Battery Charger for iPhone 5 Review

Your average iPhone 5 battery case can add a couple of extra hours of usage but that’s not exactly helpful when you’re out camping or on a fishing trip and both your iPhone’s battery and battery case run out of juice. A solar battery charger on the other hand could really help you out with that, although it will take it a longer time to charge your iPhone 5 compared to the conventional battery case.

Today we are presenting you with a review for the Greenbaba TC036 Solar Battery Charger for iPhone 5, one of the most popular solar chargers for iPhone 5, 4, 4S, 3, 3S, iPad (1, 2), iPod and many other USB devices. The $39.85 price tag is definitely a great selling point to consider, seeing as most battery cases are priced at $80 and have a limited charge power.

This iPhone 5 solar charger features a high capacity 3,000 mAh Li-Polymer battery, built to withstand up to more than 500 charge cycles and even after 3 months, the power charge remains 80 percent. It was “intentionally designed for enabling high portability, easy to take, charge your digital device anywhere under the sun”. As for design, the solar charger is quite easy to pack when traveling. It is 144 x 84 x 14 mm in dimensions and 185 g in weight.

The Greenbaba solar battery charger features 10 charger tips which are compatible with most of today’s major smartphones, tablets and Mp3 players. To make it compatible with iPhone 5, you will need to use a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter or Lightning to USB cable. Using it is quite easy. All you have to do is use one of those two connectors to charge your iPhone 5. Press the power button to switch it on and press the power button again to switch it off. When your device is fully charged, the LED light indicator will stop flashing.

As for consumer reviews, the product got stellar ratings. “This is simply the best solar charger that I have found. It not only charges a variety of devices but also holds a charge to be used as backup power source” reads one review. “I use this Solar Battery Charger to run and charge my phone at lunch then I leave it in a sunny place to recharge. So far it works great and I’ve been using it for well over two months” reads a five-star review on Greenbaba.com.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Gridcase Reactor for iPhone 5 Review Or Enjoying Your Very Own Power Generator for iPhone 5

Battery cases for iPhone 5 are all the rage at the moment, but even so, for the most part, users’ quench for extra battery life isn’t satisfied. Gridcase is planning to give you the perks of owning your very own power generator for iPhone 5. The battery case that will make it possible is called Reactor for iPhone 5, and although it’s in the funding stage, this is one project we’d really love to see how it works in everyday life.

It was almost a month ago that Gridcase made the announcement about its Reactor for iPhone 5. News outlets immediately made it viral, and for a really good cause. Gridcase is using Crowd Supply to showcase their project and raise money. “Crowd Supply lets us show a 3-D rendering of what we expect our final product will look like” said Jim Clark, Reactor inventor. “Backers want to understand the risks of a project but also see our vision for what the final product will be when it reaches their hands. Crowd Supply gives us the freedom to tell our story, our own way” he added.

“Reactor is exactly the kind of timely innovation that we’re proud to support on Crowd Supply” reads a statement by Lou Doctor, co-founder and CEO of Crowd Supply. “Our goal is to partner with project creators to achieve long-term success and pave the way for the next generation of innovative companies”. With that being said, let’s take a good look at what Gridcase Reactor aims to do for your iPhone 5 experience. Then, you can figure out by yourself if you want to make a pledge and have your product delivered as soon as it is assembled.

Reactor is a two-piece case for iPhone 5 that packs a 400mAh Boost Battery and a 500mAh Manual Generator. Inventor Jim Clark explains the case was imagined to be as thin as possible, so the Reactor generator case for iPhone 5 should be 8.5 mm thick and 4.5 oz in weight. The first 10,000 Reactor cases will be sold for $99 and shipping should begin later this year, as of October. As for the retail price, the Reactor case for iPhone 5 is expected to retail for $149.

But before arguing the Reactor for iPhone 5 is considerably more expensive than your average battery case, remember that this case gives you power whenever you ran out. “A small built-in battery provides enough of a boost to revive a dead phone, while manually cranking the generator can extend the battery life of the iPhone indefinitely”. We’d argue this is definitely the case to be putting in your emergency backpack for next year’s summer storms that leave you stranded in the dark for days and nights at a turn.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Review: The New Trent IMP120D iCarrier 12,000 mAh External Battery Pack for iPhone 5

If you want extra battery life but you’d like to avoid dressing your iPhone 5 in a battery case, we’ve found a different way of getting both protection and some battery juice. Quite a lot for that matter. We are presenting today a new review for the New Trent IMP120 D iCarrier 12,000 mAh External Battery Pack for iPhone 5.

New Trent IMP120D iCarrier is a 12,000 mAh external battery pack for iPhone 5 (and other major smartphones and tablets) that promises to give you +/- 51 hours of video playback with audio ON and +/- 44 hours of Internet browsing via a Wi-Fi connection. And by the way, it is cheaper than your average iPhone 5 battery case. Well, not by much, but it’s definitely a good start.

The producer’s website refers to the New Trent as being the “best selling tablet and smartphone external battery and the upgraded version from the iCruiser IMP1000”, whereas its charging capacity makes it the “largest portable iphone battery pack yet”. The 12,000 mAh capacity is definitely something impressive, although when it’s out of juice you need to leave it 10 to 11 hours to charge to full capacity.

This battery charger has a sleek look, with a matte finish that doesn’t support fingerprints and a light weight that makes it easy to travel with. It’s also built to withstand longtime usage. According to the product description, “The New Trent iCarrier will last you for a long time with a guaranteed minimum 500 times charge cycle”.

The New Trent IMP120D iCarrier 12,000 mAh External Battery Pack also works with the new iPad (3rd generation). It can extend the standard 10 hours of video playback and Internet browsing via Wi-Fi to +/- 17 hours. By the way, it features dual charge ports (a1A and a 2.1A output), so you can charge both your iPad and your iPhone at the same time.

The New Trent IMP120D iCarrier 12,000 mAh battery pack for iPhone 5 and iPad 3 costs $76.95 a piece. If you buy it from the producer’s website you get to save 3 % for one (sells for $74.95) or 7% by buying 5, each with $72.00. The box contains the iCarrier battery pack, a high speed AC Wall charger, a micro-USB cable, Samsung Galaxy Tab converter cable, a velvet pouch and the user manual.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The i-Blason PowerSlider External Battery Glider for iPhone 5 Review: Battery Power and Price

Slide-on battery cases are all the rage now when it comes to sleek power accessories for iPhone 5. Producers tried their best to deliver the most awesome iPhone 5 battery cases for price tags and with features that should appeal the buyer interested in expanding their device’s battery life. The i-Blason PowerSlider is a rechargeable external battery glider that aims to deliver both full protection and double battery life for your iPhone 5.

It might not be an iBattz or PowerSkin product, but the iBlason PowerSlider case has features that are very close or even better than what other similar priced battery cases offer. It won’t exactly pop for being extra-fashionable or extra-powerful, but the 2200 mAh battery and nice-looking design are good enough selling points for a price than starts at $69.95 on Amazon or $65.95 on ExcomBattery.com.

The i-Blason PowerSlider Lightning iPhone 5 Rechargeable External Battery Glider is a full protection case with an external battery that simply glides on when needed. It was designed to work with Apple’s new 8 pin Lightning charging connectors and comes with both a male and female such connector. That allows you to use an Apple lightning cable to charge both your smartphone and its battery case. The battery glider incorporates a 2200 mAh battery which the company says it is going to provide 1.2 times more than iPhone 5’s 1440 mAh battery.

There are 4 LED lights, which consumer reviews read were quite useful, each of the LED lights representing 25 percent of power left in your iPhone 5. Promoted as being innovative, the two piece slider design allows for easy installation and provides your device with full body protection. Although the case features cutouts for all the essential features and ports of your iPhone 5 such as cameras, microphones, sensors, headphone jack and controls, some users reported having problems with the quality of back panel camera photos because of the case’s thickness.

The overall case is 0.25 inches thick and weighs 2.5oz (70 grams), so it only doubles your iPhone 5’s battery life, and not the weight. The iPhone 5 battery case is available in several color themes, such as back, blue, pink, white, yellow and purple. The back is rubberized and comes with a black matte finish whereas the color is added on its sides. And there's also a small plastic foot on the back that allows you to use the device in landscape mode.


The i-Blason PowerSlate Plus Review: 2800 mAh Battery Case to Power-Boost Your iPhone 5

Battery extenders, battery cases and external batteries for iPhone 5 are the kind of search terms many of you might have stumbled upon over the past few months, as you grew more and more unsatisfied with the device’s poor battery life. The standard 1440 mAh battery on iPhone 5 is far from enough for many of today’s owners interested in getting a lot more for their buck. The pricy investment needs increased protection and battery life, and a battery case is the right way to go to rip the benefits of your iPhone 5.

The current market offer for iPhone 5 battery cases is quite varied, but with most products priced at a similar level, it has become considerably harder to find the best such accessory. Today we are reviewing the i-Blason PowerState Plus, one of the iPhone 5 battery cases that has been receiving a lot of attention lately via Amazon. It must be the 2800 mAh battery that appeals so much to the iPhone 5 user.

The 2800 mAh battery the i-Blason PowerSlate Plus packs is one of the most powerful capabilities battery cases today offer for iPhone 5. It is capable of charging your iPhone 5 for 1.5 cycles which gives you even more usage time than the popular uNu Ecopak (2500 mAh that lasts for 42 hours of music time, 11 hours of Internet browsing and 10 hours of talk time). The battery extender was conceived to work with iPhone 5’s standard 8-pin Power Cable so you can charge both your smartphone and the battery case using the same Lightning cable.

In terms of design, much like its other brother, the i-Blason PowerSlider, the PowerSlate Plus was conceived to avoid adding bulk to iPhone 5 as much as possible. While it succeeds to some extent to keep things slim, the whole case design transforms your iPhone 5 into something less recognizable. There are two color themes available, Black and White, both with a glossy finish, and with a 4 digit LED power level indicator for each 25 percent of battery life you lose. As for protection, the one piece slide-in secures the device thanks to the side wings which avert bump damage.

i-Blason PowerSlate Plus is the most powerful battery extender for iPhone 5 in the i-Blason offer today. There are two other such products available in the company’s offer, all selling for $69.95 on the company website. You can find the review for the i-Blason PowerSlider on our website and we will soon publish the PowerGlider Lightning review too.


Tylt Energi Power Case, the Slim iPhone 5 Battery Case that Doubles Battery Life

The best battery cases for iPhone 5 must be powerful, fashionable, slim and affordable. Most battery cases for iPhone 5 today are priced around $80 but despite the similar price tag, their tech specs and design appeal are quite varied. So, whenever there’s something that sets apart such a product, buyers will be enticed, but how about a battery case that’s priced at $99.99? The Tylt Energy Power Case for iPhone 5 does stand out from the crowd, but despite the sliding and slim design, this is one iPhone 5 battery case that is far from deserving the hefty price tag.

The ENERGi Case is a protective and battery case that features an in-built rechargeable 2500 mAh Lithium Ion Battery. It was designed to double your iPhone 5’s standard battery life, to as much as 9 hours of talk time, while allowing you full access to charging, syncing, data transfer and listening to music without becoming too much of a hassle. The charge and synch cable are included within the price and to connect the battery all you have to do is slide the stylish iPhone 5 protective case within the charging case. The case was designed for use with the Apple 30Pin to Lightning adapter.

The design of this iPhone 5 battery case is one of the slimmest and sleekest available today. It keeps things tight with a compact design that adds just ¼ inch to the thickness of your iPhone 5 and another ½ inch to its length. The case is available in two theme colors: one black and one colored, and it weighs, on the overall, 3.35 oz (that’s 95 grams). Basically, it will slide into your pocket without ripping out the stitches.

The case is made of UV coated polycarbonate to prevent any damage by scratches to the iDevice, whereas the inside is lined with soft and squishy material that keeps the phone in place when you drop it or bump it against things. The case is washable, but before applying warm water and soap do remove the iPhone from it.

Some reviews for the iPhone 5 battery Tylt Energi Power case read that this was one of the most appealing iPhone accessories presented at CES earlier this year. If it weren’t for the hefty price tag, it would have definitely stood at the top of our best iPhone 5 battery cases for 2013. But for those of you who can afford the $100 price tag, here’s what Tylt Energi Power Case can offer your iPhone 5.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

uNu DX Protective Battery Case for iPhone 5: Review and Tech Specs

There are a lot of iPhone 5 battery cases priced at $80 and choosing the most appropriate one might prove to be a bit difficult, since many of them have similar, if not the same tech specs. Today we are reviewing a product that has made it in many reviewers’ Best iPhone 5 Battery Cases tops for 2013. So is the uNu DX Protective Battery Case one of the most appealing and finest looking power accessories for iPhone 5?

“The ergonomic yet sleek style with a  minimal of 15mm thickness allows the DX case to comfortably protect while still emanating the iPhone's original design” the uNu product description promises.

uNu DX Protective Battery Case is the successor of the company’s successful iPhone 4S products, combining protection and power to give users the premium experience for $80. Design is sleek, adding only 15mm in thickness to your smartphone, but delivering an extra 100 percent battery power. The iPhone 5 DX Protective and Battery Case was redesigned to provide a faster charging speed, uNu upgrading the charging circuit at 1A/5W speed.

On the overall, the uNu DX iPhone 5 case is quite skinny, and packs a powerful 2300 mAh battery in-built in the back panel. It adds another ten hours of talk time and doesn’t require you to use a new charging cable or docking accessories. The DX battery case allows for charging and synchronization via a micro-USB port to Lightning connection within the actual case. On the outside there’s no cable or connector to worry about.

“Like every product designed by uNu, each product is extensively and thoroughly designed and tested to ensure 100% satisfaction” reads the company’s website. The product hasn’t received Apple’s MFI certification yet, but uNu is sure the DX case “will pass the Apple’s Made for iPhone” testing and certification process and ensure it to be the most reliable battery cases for your iPhone 5”.

The uNu iPhone 5 battery case also features a bonus Crystal Screen protector and a protective lip that goes above the screen. The uNu DX Protective and Battery case for iPhone 5 will set you back $80 and is available in two theme colors: Matte Black and Glossy White. There’s also a one year warranty and apart from the screen protector, protective lip and battery case, the box also contains a headphone w/Mic Extension Cord and an operation manual.


PowerSkin Pop’n iPhone 5 Battery Case Review

 Buying battery cases isn’t a first for the iPhone user, but with iPhone 5 there’s a lot that has changed when it comes to identifying the one product that gives more bang for the buck. Apple’s new Lightning connector has prompted a massive release of new battery cases for iPhone 5 and each producer tried its best to deliver an appealing product.  Not many succeeded, whereas some got really close. Today we are reviewing the PowerSkin Pop’n iPhone 5 battery case.

PowerSkin Pop’n brings something new to the table, although it’s not exactly the kind of sleek design iPhone 5 owners are interested in. The Pop’n is in fact an attachable external battery that you have to stick onto the case. It sticks to the iPhone 5’s back panel thanks to 24 suction cups that line its back and these are strong enough to use it without worries it would just fall off.

The Pop’n external battery uses a curled micro-USB to Lightning connector adapter made from rubber. In all fairness it is one of the most elegant such connections we’ve seen lately, but while it is comfortable to hold and use, on the overall the Pop’n external battery case for iPhone 5 looks only half finished. The battery is shorter than iPhone 5 to allow you hassle-free access to the 8MP iSight camera but that does dip into the final aspect.

The Pop’n battery has a capacity of 2000 mAh which its producer’s website reads it will increase the device’s standard battery life by 70 percent. iLounge took this battery for a spin too and found that it actually delivers more than the description text reads. The Pop’n delivered “an 87% charge to a fully drained iPhone 5; this is better than the 70$ claim on PowerSkin’s web site, and right in line with other battery packs”.

The external battery is 5(L) x 2.2(W) x 0.41(H) inches, adds 10 mm thickness to the iPhone’s back panel and weighs 86 grams. The battery is available in two colors, black and white, but rumor has it PowerSkin is working on extending the range of color themes. There are two version available, each priced accordingly. The iPhone 5 Lightning connector Pop’n external battery will set you back $80, whereas the micro USB version, compatible with a plethora of Android smartphones, is priced at $70.

And now for the final conclusion. PowerSkin’s Pop’n external battery for iPhone 5 is an appealing power product, but for $80 you’re getting only the battery, no protective case at all. If that’s not a problem, then Pop’n might just be the right external battery for your iPhone 5.

Monday, April 1, 2013

iExpander for iPhone 5 Battery Case , Camera and Storage: Review and Price

Users always want more from their iPhone 5, so why wait for the next Apple release? iExpander is one of the most useful accessories for iPhone 5, awarding the device with boosted camera, storage and battery life. Like many tech pundits today, we’ve too been taken by the iExpander’s features and we wanted to see for ourselves if the accessory really lives up to the promise.

What we love most about the design concept of many iPhone 5 battery cases is the functionality. Multifunctional cases that manage to keep it tight and clean are more and more common nowadays, although for the most part the visual aspect could use improvement. iExpander is a multifunctional accessory that power-boosts iPhone 5 power, storage and camera performance. It really looks like the kind of iPhone accessory everybody should have.

iExpander is going to make it a lot more fun and easy to actually transform iPhone 5 in your best friend. The accessory is equipped with a microSD card slot that expands the storage ability of your iPhone to another 64GB. There’s even an app that makes it all the more convenient to transferm files from your iPhone to the microSD card in the iExpander.

The 8MP iSight camera on iPhone 5 is good enough, but only in the right light, which is rarely the case. In low light, the camera performs just like any other mobile camera. Not well enough. The iExpander’s ability to improve the camera performance is “At the heart of the iExpander is an ultra-thin CAP-XX supercapacitor, driving a powerful LED flash, and delivering far more light energy than is possible with the battery alone” reads developers’ summary. “The result is crisp photographs and outstanding videos in low light”.

iExpander does all that and doubles your iPhone 5’s battery life. The case contains the same Li-polymer battery Apple put in the iPhone, so you will have another five hours for emergencies. You can see the battery power indicator right next to the iPhone’s, in the right corner of the screen, after the time. Since the device is designed to work directly with Apple’s Lightning port, there’s no need for an USB to Lightning cable.

There are two caveats however when it comes to this awesome iPhone 5 battery case, storage and camera enhancer: it is just a prototype and it’s not the thinnest case we’ve seen. In fact, it’s going to double your iPhone’s “waist”. The iExpander battery case for iPhone 5 adds another 6.3 mm to your iPhone. On the overall, it doesn’t look all that bad, but it’s iPhone 5’s slimness users would love to have with extra battery life.

The iPhone 5 iExpander is a prototype and is still in the project funding phase, but you can apply your pledge and preorder a model. Within the first two weeks on Kickstarter, the iExpander project raised $40,000. The goal is $125,000.

Are Cheap iPhone 5 Battery Cases Any Good?

iPhone 5 is not the most affordable purchase and will definitely strain your budget for the next month. The issue is that despite the hefty price, iPhone 5’s battery life isn’t fit for the extensive app usage and web browsing consumers would love to experience. So, besides paying for the smartphone, you will also have to invest in a battery case that delivers both extra life and adequate protection against scratches, dirt and more extensive damage.

With the roll out of iPhone 5 Apple introduced the Lightning port which made previous power accessories for its smartphone useless. So, being forced to abandon previous accessories (they purchased for quite the hefty price too), iPhone 5 owners are now looking at battery cases that will not force them to fork out that much money. So, whereas average and premium iPhone 5 battery cases are priced at around $80, there’s a wide variety of cheap battery cases that sell for three times less.

Given the hefty expense, a lot of iPhone 5 owners have become interested in cheap iPhone 5 battery cases, not wanting to add another $80 - $100 to their overall cost. But selecting a cheap battery case isn’t as easy as imagined. First of all it’s the risk that it might not work as much as you’d expect it to, so you’re going to have to invest in another such product a lot sooner than with $80 battery cases.

No-name iPhone 5 battery cases are often regarded by the premium Apple user as a risk for the smartphone. It also doesn’t help that most online reviewers disregard the cheap battery cases, even when the price tag is well over $50. “I’m 99.9% certain none of them are licensed” says Nick Guy, case reviewer for iLounge. “I think in general it’s better to stick with something that won’t potentially stop working…but then again, you can get some good deals and get them now” he adds.

The offer of cheap iPhone 5 battery cases is booming on Amazon, with products that sell as cheap as $14.84, giving the $80 products quite the competition. For instance, a 2200 mAh External Battery Case for iPhone 5 is priced at $19, the same battery power goes for at least $80 at popular iPhone 5 accessory makers.

Best $80 iPhone 5 Battery Cases

Owning a battery case is a great way to prolong your iPhone 5’s battery life and enjoy the perks of another 6 hours of web browsing and app entertainment. iPhone 5 accessory makers have been releasing battery cases, one after another, each varying very little in terms of tech specs and price, so selecting the product that’s more worth its buck is definitely a lot more confusing.

Most iPhone 5 battery cases currently available in the market are priced around the $80 mark, but small details in tech specs, design and overall functionality create huge gaps between some of the most popular products. Attempting to select the best $80 iPhone 5 battery cases was not easy, but we gave it a try. 

iBattz Mojo Hi5 Power Bank

This is one for the adventurous user. The iBattz Mojo Hi5 Power Bank is an iPhone 5 battery case that has the most elegant design when it comes to the USB to Lightning port cable. The battery is interchangeable and thanks to the 2,500 mAh capacity it can skyrocket your device’s battery life by adding another 11 hours of web-browsing and 10 hours of talk time. The battery case’s back panel is made of aluminum and even if it’s not the world’s thinnest iPhone 5 battery case, it is one of the finest designs. This is definitely a product to take into account if you are the outdoors type.
See the iBattz Mojo Hi5 Power Bank review here

Mophie Juice Pack Helium

This is by far everybody’s favorite iPhone 5 battery case, although it is more because of its design rather than extra life capability. The Mophie Juice Pack Helium battery case is 13-percent thinner than the previous Mophie Air for iPhone 4 and 4S, and while the case is ultra-thin and has a nice metallic look, the in-built battery has only an 1,500 mAh capability. So it’s not the most powerful, but according to producer’s tech specs it will provide for another 7 hours of Wi-Fi and movie-watching.
Read the review right here

uNu Extended Battery

For $80, this is one of the battery cases for iPhone 5 that packs most power. The 2,500 mAh battery definitely stands out as it doubles your smartphone’s battery life. It’s also quite decent looking for an extended battery case, although plastic will never look as sleek as metal. Since it uses an USB to Lightning port to charge the iPhone 5, the uNu Extended Battery pack is compatible with any other USB powered device.
See here our review of the uNu Extended Battery case for iPhone 5

PowerSkin Battery Case

For $80, PowerSkin’s batter case for iPhone 5 isn’t that impressive in terms of design, although the back panel’s angular shape does provide for a better grip. The 1,500 mAh in-built battery is going to increase your iPhone 5’s battery life by 70 percent, so it’s not the most powerful either. The overall case is made from soft silicone, but the sharp edges might feel uncomfortable, not to mention the headphone jack is quite recessed.
Read the PowerSkin iPhone 5 Battery case review right here