Thursday, May 16, 2013

Duracell PowerSnap Kit Review: the iPhone 5 Battery Case That Uses Wireless Charging

When Jay-Z himself invests in a product, you just know you’ve got to buy it. There aren’t many companies that make such a big statement about their reputation and such a high endorsement easily makes a product stand out from the crowd. That is the case of the Duracell PowerSnap Kit, an iPhone 5 battery case designed by Duracell Powermat, whose celebrity spokesman is none other than Jay-Z. But the novelty isn’t the fact that Jay-Z is an investor and a spokesperson. It is innovation that convinced us that the Duracell Powermat PowerSnap Kit deserves a review.

Following the company’s presentation of the prototype, at the Pepcom MobileFocus Global in Barcelona, Spain, many have argued Duracell Powermat’s battery case is a lot similar to the company’s models for previous iPhones. But even if it might be so, the wireless charging ability and the 1950 mAh battery does set apart the iPhone 5 battery case. It is both price and functionality that convinced us the $99 battery case and its inductive charging solution that places the Duracell Powerkit at the top of our list.

The Duracell Powermat’s PowerSnap Kit includes several individual components that you can get them all for $99, or the battery case which will set you back $59. The AccessCases, SnapBattery, TravelMat and a power adapter are all put to work to effortlessly get your iPhone 5 instant backup power whenever you need it. The company’s website says the PowerSnap Kit gives you basically “the power of two phones without feeling like you’re carrying them”. To be honest, when we first read that, we thought that’s definitely not the case, , but then we looked at product dimensions (the AccessCase is 5.36”H x 2.41”W x .42”D; the SnapBattery is 5.28”H x 2.36”W x .736”D) and weight (1.05oz for the case and 3.02oz for the SnapBattery) and it’s not all that much different from other cases.

As for the battery capacity, the Duracell SnapBattery packs a similar capacity as most similarly priced iPhone 5 battery cases, although there are cases that for less money will triple your smartphone’s standard battery life. But remember you’re basically getting two charges for the price one. The SnapBattery gives one full charge to your iPhone 5 and when even that is not enough you can just place the battery case on the TravelMat and wait for it to recharge wirelessly.

The TravelMat is a 5.26”H x 2.39”W x .73”D universal charger for all USB-enabled devices with a 4200 mAh Rechargeable lithium-ion prismatic battery. All you have to do is place your device on top of the mat to charge it wirelessly or connect it via USB. If you only want the TravelMat, it will set you back $129.99, a price that is bound to drop in the upcoming months, following an AT&T announcement to device suppliers to come up with integrated wireless charging solutions by the end of the year.


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