Monday, June 17, 2013

The Best 2,000mAh Battery Cases for iPhone 5

Looking for a battery case that will make it worth your time, bother and money? Here is a list of the best 2,000 mAh battery cases available for your iPhone 5. You can read the full reviews for these battery cases on our website. Use the Search tab or check out the article tags to go directly to the product review.
MyCharge Freedom Series 2000 Powercase

MyCharge Freedom Series 2000 Powercase for iPhone 5

This is a 2000 mAh battery case for your iPhone 5 that stands out from the crowd thanks to an elegant design, particularly when it comes to the sleek silver back panel. “Experience the highest level of innovation in portable charging cases – the perfect balance between protection, function and fashion” reads the MyCharge website and it looks like this is the case with the Freedom Series, a battery case that features an in-built Apple Lightning Connector, a powerful 2000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery, interchangeable outer shells and a $99.99 price tag.

Kiwibird Power Case Battery Extender KB2000 for iPhone 5

For an incredibly affordable price, the Kiwibird Power Case KB2000 is a very competitive power product for iPhone 5. For $39, you get a powerful 2000 mAh battery case, ultra-thin design thanks to the slide-in two-piece case, solid polycarbonate hard plastic panels and three color themes (dark blue, white and black). “Get the most out of your iPhone 5 with durable ultra-thin case with inbuilt rechargeable battery that virtually doubles your time to rock, talk, surf and send”.

Belkin Grip Power Battery Case for iPhone 5

When it’s extra battery you need, the Belkin Grip Power battery case is one of the top products in today’s market. It packs a 2000 mAh battery, an anti-glare camera ring and is made from a shock-resistant outer shell with slide-in design and built-in Lightning connector. There are four color themes available (civic blue / stone, purple lightning / fountain blue, blacktop / gravel and whiteout / blacktop)and the battery case will set you back $99.99, being $10 more affordable than the main competitor the Mophie 2100 mAh.


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