Sunday, December 29, 2013

iPhone 5 Battery Case Review: Powerskin Battery Case vs. Mophie Helium

While some iPhone users are fans of the Powerskin Battery Case, others seem to prefer Mophie Helium.
  As these two battery cases are considered to have almost similar performance, making your choose for one of them might seem hard. However, there are many differences between these two devices that will make it easier to make your pick.
Mophie Helium Battery Case

Mophie Helium
Offering 1,500mAh, this battery case promises to charge your iPhone up to 75 percent.
However, the Powerskin battery case features the same performance, as well.

Mophie Helium might be a thoughtful choice when keeping under consideration the fact that since it features a more robust design, it might be perfect for protecting your iPhone in the case of a drop.

This is a very important aspect to consider when opting for a battery case. Moreover, the Mophie Helium might be choice of many users of iPhone , as it is more affordable to purchase.

Powerskin Battery Case
Even though when speaking about performance, these two devices seem to offer similar usability, their design is completely different.

So, while with Mophie Helium you will have a hard-case, the Powerskin Battery Case is made from soft silicon, which makes it easier to put in and out your iPhone 5.

Even though the Mophie Helium is believed to be the better choice when it comes to protecting the phone, Powerskin will do a great job, too.

And this case as the advantage of being harder to damage during a drop, as since it is made from silicon it will not break. Shorter and less wide than the Helium, this battery case seems less bulky, which might be considered an important advantage over the Helium by many users.

Regardless of which of these two iPhone 5 case you prefer most, both will add extra size and weight to your device.

Still, getting used to the new size of your iPhone should not be hard, while the battery security might be great. If the life battery of your iPhone 5 is letting you down, too, considering buying a battery case is the best option you have at the moment.


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