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Getting the most out of your pricy iPhone 5 with a battery case is an investment that really pays off.

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The iPhone 5 Battery case you’re planning to buy should also feature extensive battery life and give your smartphone some protection from scratches and scrapes.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Review: The New Trent IMP120D iCarrier 12,000 mAh External Battery Pack for iPhone 5

If you want extra battery life but you’d like to avoid dressing your iPhone 5 in a battery case, we’ve found a different way of getting both protection and some battery juice. Quite a lot for that matter. We are presenting today a new review for the New Trent IMP120 D iCarrier 12,000 mAh External Battery Pack for iPhone 5.

New Trent IMP120D iCarrier is a 12,000 mAh external battery pack for iPhone 5 (and other major smartphones and tablets) that promises to give you +/- 51 hours of video playback with audio ON and +/- 44 hours of Internet browsing via a Wi-Fi connection. And by the way, it is cheaper than your average iPhone 5 battery case. Well, not by much, but it’s definitely a good start.

The producer’s website refers to the New Trent as being the “best selling tablet and smartphone external battery and the upgraded version from the iCruiser IMP1000”, whereas its charging capacity makes it the “largest portable iphone battery pack yet”. The 12,000 mAh capacity is definitely something impressive, although when it’s out of juice you need to leave it 10 to 11 hours to charge to full capacity.

This battery charger has a sleek look, with a matte finish that doesn’t support fingerprints and a light weight that makes it easy to travel with. It’s also built to withstand longtime usage. According to the product description, “The New Trent iCarrier will last you for a long time with a guaranteed minimum 500 times charge cycle”.

The New Trent IMP120D iCarrier 12,000 mAh External Battery Pack also works with the new iPad (3rd generation). It can extend the standard 10 hours of video playback and Internet browsing via Wi-Fi to +/- 17 hours. By the way, it features dual charge ports (a1A and a 2.1A output), so you can charge both your iPad and your iPhone at the same time.

The New Trent IMP120D iCarrier 12,000 mAh battery pack for iPhone 5 and iPad 3 costs $76.95 a piece. If you buy it from the producer’s website you get to save 3 % for one (sells for $74.95) or 7% by buying 5, each with $72.00. The box contains the iCarrier battery pack, a high speed AC Wall charger, a micro-USB cable, Samsung Galaxy Tab converter cable, a velvet pouch and the user manual.