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Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Review: The USB i-Blason PowerGlider Slim Fit External Battery Case for iPhone 5

There are so many iPhone 5 battery cases out there that finding the one that fits your requirements might prove to be a bit of a hassle. Seeing as most are priced just about the same, you might start your search with those most advertised, but based on buyers’ reviews some of the best external battery cases don’t necessarily have a fashionable label on them. The i-Blason PowerGlider Slim Fit External Battery Case for iPhone 5 is quite definitely one of the best external power cases for your device. 

To begin with, the i-Blason PowerGlider battery case for iPhone 5 caught our eye thanks to the five-star ratings buyers have left for this power product. Consumer reviews read that the i-Blason PowerGlider is “a solid battery case for iPhone 5 with a handy kickstand”, “with good battery life and a handy kickstand”. Some of the buyers were so impressed they even ordered a second on. What’s interesting is that these people bought and highly recommended the product, although there aren’t many reviews available for the i-Blason PowerGlider battery case.

In terms of power, the i-Blason PowerGlider for iPhone packs a 2200 mAh battery that gives you another 10 to 12 hours without recharge. You don’t need any additional cable to recharge the case, so you can use the same cable for your phone and the case to recharge. It connects with your iPhone 5 via an 8-pin Apple Lightning connector and a micro 5-pin USB charging port.  Just like the other iBlason battery cases, this one also features a LED power indicator for battery power level and an on-off power button.

As for bulkiness and overall weight, i-Blason is a two-piece case with slider design that boosts protection thanks to top and side bumpers. Easy to use and simple to put together and apart, the case offers full access to camera and the flash, but like all the other battery cases, carrying one of them in your shirt’s pocket might rip out the stitches. According to consumer reviews, the bulkiness or size might vary from user to user. “I find it solid but I do have large hands so your experience might vary. However, I would not advise carrying your iPhone 5 with ANY battery attached in your back pants’ pocket” reads one consumer review.

The i-Blason PowerGlider with USB for iPhone 5 is a sleek looking product, available in two color themes (black and white). “The i-Blason case looks good. I’ve got a black iPhone 5 (AT&T) and this case matches the color perfectly” writes a buyer on Amazon. As for the grip, the case has a rubberized finish that keeps everything secure in your hand. By the way, it also features a kickstand that is quite handy.

The iPhone 5 USB PowerGlider is quite reasonably priced. On the producer’s website it sells for $69.95 but on Amazon you can get it as cheap as $49.95 (with free shipping).