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Friday, April 12, 2013

The i-Blason PowerSlate Plus Review: 2800 mAh Battery Case to Power-Boost Your iPhone 5

Battery extenders, battery cases and external batteries for iPhone 5 are the kind of search terms many of you might have stumbled upon over the past few months, as you grew more and more unsatisfied with the device’s poor battery life. The standard 1440 mAh battery on iPhone 5 is far from enough for many of today’s owners interested in getting a lot more for their buck. The pricy investment needs increased protection and battery life, and a battery case is the right way to go to rip the benefits of your iPhone 5.

The current market offer for iPhone 5 battery cases is quite varied, but with most products priced at a similar level, it has become considerably harder to find the best such accessory. Today we are reviewing the i-Blason PowerState Plus, one of the iPhone 5 battery cases that has been receiving a lot of attention lately via Amazon. It must be the 2800 mAh battery that appeals so much to the iPhone 5 user.

The 2800 mAh battery the i-Blason PowerSlate Plus packs is one of the most powerful capabilities battery cases today offer for iPhone 5. It is capable of charging your iPhone 5 for 1.5 cycles which gives you even more usage time than the popular uNu Ecopak (2500 mAh that lasts for 42 hours of music time, 11 hours of Internet browsing and 10 hours of talk time). The battery extender was conceived to work with iPhone 5’s standard 8-pin Power Cable so you can charge both your smartphone and the battery case using the same Lightning cable.

In terms of design, much like its other brother, the i-Blason PowerSlider, the PowerSlate Plus was conceived to avoid adding bulk to iPhone 5 as much as possible. While it succeeds to some extent to keep things slim, the whole case design transforms your iPhone 5 into something less recognizable. There are two color themes available, Black and White, both with a glossy finish, and with a 4 digit LED power level indicator for each 25 percent of battery life you lose. As for protection, the one piece slide-in secures the device thanks to the side wings which avert bump damage.

i-Blason PowerSlate Plus is the most powerful battery extender for iPhone 5 in the i-Blason offer today. There are two other such products available in the company’s offer, all selling for $69.95 on the company website. You can find the review for the i-Blason PowerSlider on our website and we will soon publish the PowerGlider Lightning review too.