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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Apple Releases Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

Apple is always willing to release new technology and help users from all around the world enjoy better and simpler use of all its devices.

Apple is always releasing accessories for its devices, too, to make sure that it will enhance the experience of its users. The famous company has now released an accessory for the Apple Watch.

So, the Apple Watch charging dock is finally here. The new device is currently available for sale on Apple's official website.

The release was made by the popular company just a day after some photos of the new device leaked online. The Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is available in sale for $79. The new device will allow Apple Watch owners to charge their devices either flat or on their side and this will actually activate the nightstands mode.

The new Apple Magnetic Charging dock
Image Credits: www.Maddapple.com
Actually, since the introduction of the Nightstand mode, the release of the charging dock was expected. However, the new accessory might be more expensive than what many users would have imagined.

The device is not very small, either. It actually features 3-inches in diameter, to be able to hold the watch comfortably while charging. Apple has decided to add a Lighting port for the power connection.

The fact that the device come with a Lightning port is not quite surprising. In fact, Apple seemed to be quite willing to use Lighting ports into its new devices. The famous company did so for its new keyboard, mouse and trackpad, which all come with lightning port and a lightning cable.

Furthermore, Apple's interest in this is also proven through the fact that the company's new Apple TV remote also features a lightening port to recharge the battery.

When it comes to Apple Watch dock's lighting cable, www.Maddapple.com reports that users should know that it actually features 2 meters, so they should not worry about its usability. The device is made out of plastic, but it looks and feels like a qualitative charging doc, too, so in terms of looks and design it is a good choice.

However, the new Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock does not come with a USD power adapter and it does not bring new features to the Apple Watch. This means that it simply is an accessory which can definitely make charging easier and which will make the device look better when it is functioning as an alarm clock.

Of course, the Apple dock is not the only device of this kind that can be found on the market. In fact, other third party watch stands have been available in sale for months. Some of them, even come with more features or are made by better and more qualitative materials than the Apple Watch. Some devices can be found at much more affordable prices than what Apple is offering.

However, in terms of looks, the Apple Watch dock is without a doubt standing out. However, if it will convince many customers to make the decision to buy or not is something that is yet to be determined.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Will Apple Release an iPhone 5 With Built-in Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging devices, either via a magnetic induction pad or by using resonance charging, are going to become just as familiar as cases in the upcoming years. Some devices, like the Nokia Lumia 920, a Windows 8 smartphone, features built-in wireless charging which gets rid of all the wires. As a matter of fact, by now products from 120 companies have been certified as being compatible with wireless charging technology and the only questions remains is Apple going to release an iPhone 5 with built-in wireless charging?

It’s become obvious that Apple is either focusing on releasing a whole new and exciting mobile technology or it is just not able any longer to keep up with competition. It has missed a few first-time technologies, whereas competitors have become all the more visible in a market where just two years ago Apple was the standard. The wireless charging capacity is just the latest to make the list of missed opportunities.

Ken Dulaney, analyst with Gartner, told Computerworld.com that Apple is betting too much solely on brand popularity, and they risk doing the same with wireless charging as they did with micro USB connectivity. “Apple is not always first to technology. I am not therefore surprised. Google and Nokia/Microsoft have been shown to be far more aggressive” in terms of innovative technology releases. While differentiating a brand is a good way of drawing attention it’s also the kind of strategy that pushes consumers even further away.

As for wireless charging or the Qi technology, although there are today 8.5 million such devices sold worldwide, Apple doesn’t seem to be supportive of that. “This means that as Apple falls behind in a number of technical areas there will still be value propositions for the other platforms to offer. This is a good thing. It gives us choice and competition” the Gartner analyst concludes.

But just a few days ago, a report via the DigiTimes reads that Apple is actually considering the release of an iPhone 6 with built-in wireless conductive charging. Apparently, unnamed sources told the website “Apple is likely to adopt the wireless charging technology developed internally, but it remains unknown if the next-generation iPhone will come with built-in wireless charging capability or with other attached accessories”.

In the meanwhile, while you’re waiting for yet another of the numerous Apple rumors to be confirmed, you can put your iPhone 5 in a battery case that comes with a wireless charging mat. The product is called Duracell Powermat PowerSnap Kit and it costs $99. We’ve reviewed it too and we recommend you get the whole kit and not buy items individually to get the most of your buck’s worth.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Tests Show Samsung Galaxy S4 Breaks Easier than iPhone 5

Breakability tests are great when it comes to smartphone reviews and price comparisons, but don’t just throw away your protective case just because our headline reads tests have shown Samsung Galaxy S4 breaks easier than iPhone 5. The truth is that today’s top smartphones are resilient little-bastards and will put up with a lot of wear and tear, but when it comes to owners that have a history of sloppiness or have daily activities that boost the risk of dropping a phone, knowing how much damage your expensive smartphone can withstand is a great perk.

Recent breakability tests by extended warranty firm SquareTrade have compared the resilience of Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 when being dropped. Tests were varied, as the company tested from the handsets’ condition after a drop-test, a grip-ability test and a water resistance test. So whereas tests where varied, results were similar: Samsung Galaxy S4 breaks easier than iPhone 5 and even than Galaxy S3.

“Our Breakability Score creates a new Richter Scale for accidental damage to help consumers assess when, where and how their phones are in danger” explains Ty Shay, CMO at SquareTrade. “It’s been two years since we created the first Drop Test video for the industry and we thought it was time to expand the concept” Shay says about the water resistance and grip-ability testes.

Although S4 was more water-resistant than S3, it got a Breakability Score of 7, which means it is most at risk of breaking due to an accident, whereas iPhone 5 came out as a “clear winner”. All three devices (S4, S3 and iPhone 5) were dropped from pocket and chest height, 7 and 10 feet above the ground, and all the drops were recorded using three different cameras. After the 10-foot drop, it became obvious the S4 was not more durable than iPhone 5, which even after all the accidental drops it had survived with minor damage, some scuffs and a small notch on the screen. The S4 on the other hand, had a shattered screen and broken camera and broke down completely after the 10-foot fall.